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Maxine and Beanie Go to School

Friendship, Family, Paws, Imagination & Adventure...

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Hi, I'm Maxine!

Follow me and my best friend Beanie on our next adventure! Today, we’re going to get ready, go to school, share with our friends, and maybe even make some new ones. Come with us to see what happens next.

Have you ever had a great day at school?

Read with Me

We have so much fun reading with our friends. Join Karolyn, the author of Maxine and Beanie, to see what happens when Beanie gets to go to school with Maxine! Grab your book and read along to learn about getting ready for special days, family routines, and diversity in the classroom.

Don’t forget to buckle up—we’re going to take a ride in the car!
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For Caregivers

Maxine and Beanie aren’t just for kids! It’s important to reflect on and talk about the media we consume. When you and your child read this book together, some of the themes that might come up include: getting ready for a special day, car safety, sharing what you love, supporting friends, and telling Mom and Dad all about it.

For Educators

Teachers, counselors, and organizational leaders who read this book with kids will be able to reflect on themes of diversity at school, supporting friends, sharing what we care about with others, and more. This series of books is appropriate for kids of all backgrounds and genders between the ages of 3 and 8. Reading level: G/12. 

Maxine and Beanie are the perfect additions to any classroom, organization, school, or library. This series of books was created to represent kids who are traditionally underrepresented—and that’s important for all of us. Check out the rest of Maxine and Beanie’s books to discover more stories related to childhood, diversity, multi-racial families, and the power of imagination!

Maxine And Beanie

Did you know Maxine and Beanie speak different languages? Find yours here! 

Buy Maxine and Beanie Go to School

Maxine and Beanie Go to School!



Hardcover $22

Paperback $10


Maxine et Beanie Vont à L’Ecole!


Paperback $10


Maxine y Beanie Comparten un Picnic!


Paperback $10


Buy Paws Journals

You can find Maxine and Beanie Journals in paperback through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


Paws Journal, Maxine and Beanie Have a Picnic!


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Discover more!

Discover more adventures in the other Maxine and Beanie books! When you read with Maxine and Beanie, you’ll experience imagination, family, and inclusivity. You’ll learn about playing by yourself—and with others—and so much more! 

Follow Maxine and Beanie!

Follow Maxine and Beanie on social media to stay connected—you’ll be the first to know when there are new adventures in the works and on the shelf. That’s right, more stories are coming soon!

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