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The Adventures of Maxine & Beanie™

Friendship, Family, Paws, Imagination & Adventure...

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Meet Maxine & Beanie

Maxine here! Do you like adventures? My best friend, Beanie, and I go on little adventures every day… and you’re invited to follow along. We’ll all get to learn about sharing, playing, and friendship. You’ll even get to meet my Mom and Dad!


So who’s ready? Let’s go!

For Caregivers and Educators

The Adventures of Maxine and Beanie is a children’s book series that playfully demonstrates how families are unique to each child. These stories create a safe place for families to talk about their feelings by prompting meaningful discussions and engaging the imaginations of the readers. 

Through fun adventures, both grand and small, Maxine and Beanie help to foster the creativity, kindness, and tolerance needed in global communities.  Join them in celebrating and embracing our differences!


Children of all ages (and the adults in their lives) will enjoy the “Paws” Journal which provides a creative way to interact more fully with the questions in the book series through words and pictures!

Maxine And Beanie

Read with Me


We have so much fun reading with our friends. Join Karolyn, the author of Maxine and Beanie, to see what happens in all of Maxine and Beanie's adventures. You can even join in the fun — share your story and subscribe with all of Maxine and Beanie's friends. 

Let's get ready to read along!
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What Story Would You Like to Read Today?
Maxine Makes a New Friend
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Have a Picnic
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Go to the Beach
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Beanie's Bedtime Stories
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Go to School
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Did you know Maxine and Beanie speak different languages?

Choose your adventure and learn more! 

Maxine Makes a New Friend

Maxine a un Nouvel Ami

Maxine Tiene un Nuevo Amigo


Have a Picnic

Font un Pique-Nique!

Comparten un Picnic!


Go to School

Vont à L’Ecole

Van al Colegio


Go to the Beach

Vont à la Plage

Van al Playa


Beanie's Bedtime Stories


Hello, Karolyn!

Meet the Author—Karolyn Denson Landrieux


My passion is creativity: I love cooking, sewing, painting, and design. After I retired in 2020, I decided to write Maxine and Beanie. The original idea came to me in 2017—but now I can dedicate my time and energy to the project! My granddaughter was my inspiration, but these books are meant for children from diverse backgrounds. For all children, everywhere.

Hello, Karen!

Meet the Illustrator—Karen Light


Karen Light is the illustrator of Maxine and Beanie—and so much more! She founded Studio Light Illustration and works with creative people every day, co-creating, mentoring, and inspiring.


It’s never too young to start reading!


Connect :) 

Would you like to know when Maxine & Beanie's next adventure begins? You can contact Karolyn here... 

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